Creative Project Leader



Ethan's work history in creative project management, marketing, fundraising, event planning and social services have positioned this creative leader to approach problem solving from a diverse perspective. Ethan understands people. Motivating others to do their best work through pointed collaboration is his driving force. 





With experience planning major fundraisers, award ceremonies, cocktail parties, speaking engagements, workshops, and dining events Ethan has secured a space within the field of on-site activations. Through nonprofit event fundraisers, communities were brought together to raise both funds and awareness for important causes.



Charitable Products


Today's consumer is educated, resourced and opinionated. Purchasing power can be leveraged to create brand loyalty through a shared commitment to creating good. Through focused nonprofit partnerships and leveraging vendor relationships, Ethan was able to produce products that both made sense AND moved the bottom line towards substantial funds raised through sales.





Finding a space among the entrepreneurial community of makers and experts in the space of wellness, Ethan has identified a niche. Through comprehensive discovery exercises and research, Ethan has designed and produced branding materials, digital marketing assets, social content and printed pieces for a host of clients.



Leadership + Community Building


Past roles with exposure to volunteer management, community building and event planning have informed Ethan's thoughtful approach to creating meaning and value in on-site activations.